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              Joo R. Silva

              Very professional and efficient. I will definitely renew through them and will get in touch again for other products as well. All the processes went smoothly, and the service was great

              Mohamed Elias

              I have recently reinsured my car through Souqalmal. Their agents were very attentive and patient throughout. I'd like to say that I am very happy with their service.

              Lee Hughes

              I was assisted by Souqalmal Customer service team in booking my car insurance policy. The customer service agent was extremely helpful. I would recommend them.

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              Souqalmal is known for its core value: Trust. As a team, we thrive to build up transparency in the Financial Services industry and be a champion for consumers. We are the go-to site for comparing Credit Cards, Mortgages, Personal Loans, Car Loans, Car Insurance, Health and Travel Insurance.

              Compare and Purchase

              After comparing the financial product of your choice, you can seek assistance from our team of experts at Souqalmal. Ask questions, get clarity and once youre satisfied with all the information, you can choose to purchase the financial product of your choice through us.

              Our Team

              We are strongly against mis-selling and believe everyone should know what they are buying. Our team will help you through every step and provide you clear information, without hidden terms and conditions.

              More Than 6 Years of Experience

              We have over 6 years of experience in selling on Banking and Insurance products.With an extensive list of happy customers, we take pride in demystifying Insurance, making Banking simple and helping everyone find the Financial product best suited to their needs.

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