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              Intek provides best-in-class linear plastic extrusion and fabrication capabilities.

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              Intek Plastics has unparalleled experience delivering precisely engineered, customer-specific linear extrusion products for a wide variety of OEMs and markets.

              Construction / Fenestration

              When your window and door project demands eye-catching aesthetics, superior thermal performance and weatherability, Intek will open the door to exceptional profile extrusions.

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              When it comes to extruded lighting lenses, diffusers, or LED plastics, Intek is your go-to source of high-quality plastics, expert engineers, and intelligent lighting profile extrusions.

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              From resilient door trim to co-extruded gaskets, Intek Plastics provides custom-engineered products to help commercial refrigeration and freezer systems run efficiently and effectively.

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              Power Management

              From data centers to new energy, the power conversion and distribution industries are having a transformative moment. Intek fully understands the unique specialty materials utilized in these applications.

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              Other Markets

              We deliver the best custom plastic extrusions possible by recommending the material for your application, reviewing your designs, machining a custom tool and running samples to create a foundation for smooth production.

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              What if your product was designed smarter, was delivered faster and performed better? Your production line, timeline, and bottom line would all thank you. Were a team of creative thinkers, engineers, and materials experts, but most of all, were really good problem solvers.

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              Intek has experience extruding dozens of different thermoplastic compounds from lightweight polypropylenes to tough polycarbonates to flexible urethanes. Our relationship with leading plastic compounders gives us access to nearly unlimited materials with properties to suit your every need.

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              Extruding to Higher Standards

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